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The acidic Danish summer apples make for a nice contrast to the succulent, slightly sweet, honey-glazed pork. You find the recipe below.

The first Danish summer apples have arrived and their sourness contrasts nicely with the succulent, slightly sweet, pork. We served the honey-glazed pork with pan-fried apples and mountains cranberries on our Nordic summer-platter for the food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2013. The pork became so popular that we now serve it as part of our autumn platter.
Should you want to try your hand at making the popular pork sandwich at home you find the recipe at (sorry, in Danish only) or below (in English).
If you enjoy eating more than cooking we suggest you try the honey-glazed pork at a cosy lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Recipe for sandwich with honey-glazed pork with pan-fried apples and mountain cranberries

2 kg pork (without rind)
3 dl salt
1 ½ dl sugar
1 ½ liquid honey
10 slices of dark rye bread (cut the rye bread in quarters if you serve the honey-glazed pork as part of a lunch platter)

Pan-fried apples with apple brandy
3-4 of your favourite apples, for instance Guldberg or Discovery
1 tbsp butter
2-3 tbsp apple brandy, for instance from Esrum Sø Mikrodestilleri
Sugar to taste

Raw marinated mountain cranberries
100 grams of mountain cranberries
80 grams of sugar

pork summer apples cranberries lunch sandwich restaurant kronborg copenhagen cooking

Serve the honey-glazed pork hot or cold, as you prefer, and garnish with the pan-fried apples and the mountain cranberries.

Mix the salt with the sugar and rub the pork with the mixture. Cover the pork with aluminium foil and leave it for a day in the fridge. Rinse the pork in cold water till most of the salt-sugar-mixture is rinsed off and bake the pork in the oven for approximately 2 hours at 150 degrees.
Pour the honey over the pork and grill it at 250 degrees till it is golden (approximately 10 minutes).
Slice the apples and fry them in butter for one to two minutes on each side. Pour the apple brandy over the apples when you have turned them. If you have chosen a sour apple, remember to adjust the sourness with the sugar. Fry the apples till they are golden but still have bite.
Mix the mountain cranberries with the sugar. Cover the berries with aluminium foil and leave them in the fridge for at least 24 hours. The longer you leave them, the sweeter they will become.
Slice the pork – hot or cold to your liking – and arrange the slices on the fried rye bread. Garnish with two to three slices of apples and the berries.

Makes 10 open sandwiches