Recipe: ‘aquavit sandwich’ – potato sandwich with chive crème

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We make our version of the popular ‘aquavit sandwich’ with old-fashioned marinated herrings and chive crème – of course it tastes even better with new Danish potatoes. Find the recipe at the foodie website below (in English) or on foodie website, (in Danish).

The ‘aquavit sandwich’ did not get its name because it is made with aquavit but because it tastes great with it…
Our ‘aquavit sandwich’ is made with old-fashioned marinated herring and a tangy chive crème – and of course our ‘aquavit sandwich’ tastes even better with new – preferably Danish – potatoes.

Find the recipe below  – or enjoy the Danes’ summer favourite at a cosy lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Recipe for ‘aquavit sandwich’

1 kg new potatoes
10 slices of rye bread
6-8 fillets of old-fashioned marinated herring, sliced into thin strips or cut into cubes (approx. 50 grams of herring per sandwich)

Chive crème
1 bch fresh chives
2 dl sour cream 38 %
2 dl mayonnaise (preferably home-made)
Salt and pepper to taste

½ bch of chives, finely chopped
1 dl deep-fried capers

Boil the potatoes till tender. Leave to cool and slice.
Wash the chives and pat them dry.
Chop the chives finely and mix them with the lemon juice, the sour cream and the mayonnaise.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Butter the bread and layer the sliced potatoes on top.
Arrange the chive crème and herring fillets on top of the potatoes.
Garnish with chives and deep-fried capers.

If you mix the herring cubes with the chive crème you get what the Swedes call “gubbröra” (or “Old man’s mix”), which tastes great when topped on cold boiled potatoes – or as spread on dark rye bread.

Makes 10 open sandwiches.

This recipe was originally published on Euroman/Gastro’s website.
Photo by Chris Tonnesen