Recipe: open potato sandwich with “granny salad” and deep-fried anchovies

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Our Head Chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, twisted the Danes’ beloved open-faced potato sandwich – and our regulars had a new favourite. Please find Jimmi’s recipe below.

We strive to renew the classic summer favourite of the Danes, the open potato sandwich,. Of course we still try to take the many demands to the open sandwiches into account: they should combine soft and crisp as well as sour, salty, bitter, sweet and preferably a touch of the much-feted umami…
One of our experiments has proven especially popular among our regular guests: potato sandwich with ‘granny salad’ (* and deep-fried anchovies.
Find the recipe below – or enjoy the much-loved open potato sandwiches at a cosy lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Recipe for open potato sandwich with ‘granny salad’ and deep-fried anchovies

1 kg new potatoes
10-20 crisp lettuce leaves – preferably romaine
10 slices of rye bread (pan-fried in butter)

1 dl cream
Juice of ½ lemon
½ tsp Dijon mustard
Salt, pepper and sugar to taste

20 anchovies (in oil)
Wheat flour
Tempura pastry
Fresh dill & red onions


Boil the potatoes till tender. Leave to cool and slice.
Wash and dry the salad.
Mix the dressing – it should be sweet and slightly acidic – and turn the lettuce leaves in the dressing.
Turn the anchovies in wheat flour, dip them in tempura pastry and then in panko.
Deep fry the anchovies in oil at 180 degrees Celsius for about two minutes.
Pan-fry the rye bread in butter for about two minutes at medium heat.
Arrange the lettuce leaves on the hot rye bread and layer the sliced potatoes on top.
Garnish with the anchovies and add the fresh dill and the finely sliced red onions.

(* “Granny salad” is an old-school salad, which most Danes were served at their grandmothers’ place, thus the name. It is a simple, but much-loved, green salad with a sweet-and-sour creamy dressing.

This recipe was originally published on Euroman/Gastro’s website.
Photo by Chris Tonnesen