Recipe: høost with rose hip compote


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“Pick plenty,” said one of our regulars, when he heard that we were heading out to pick rose hips. Last year the rose hip was so popular that we ran out of rose hips in no time. This year we have picked plenty for the freezer. Find the recipe for the rose hip compote in the August edition of Mad & Venner (in Danish) or at the bottom of this page (in English).

Høosten(literally the hay cheese) from the small dairy, Naturmælk, reminds us of the popular Vesterhavsost. Only we find the Høost to be crunchier and more flavourful.
Høosten  gets its name from the fact that the cows, which supply the milk for the production of the cheese, are fed with grass and air-dried hay, nothing else. This ensures a cleaner-tasting and more aromatic taste.
But of course the hay cheese would not be the same without our home-made rose hip compote…
Should you want to try your hand at making the popular rose hip compote at home you find the recipe in the August edition of Mad & Venner (in Danish) or below (in English).
If you enjoy eating more than cooking, we suggest you try the hay cheese with rose hip compote as part of the 5-course “smørrebrød” menu we have created for food festival, Copenhagen Cooking 2014, over a cosy lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Recipe for høost with rose hip compote

200 grams høost (hay cheese) from Naturmælk
4 pieces of crisp bread or dark rye crackers

Rose hip compote
400 grams orange rose hips (the red rose hips are too ripe and turn mushy)
¼ dl vinegar
½ vanilla pod
¼ dl water
150 grams raw sugar
The juice of ½ lemon

Wash the rose hips and pat them dry. Cut the top with the flower of the rose hips and remove the seeds with a teaspoon. Halve the rose hips if you prefer. Rinse the shells thoroughly so all the white seeds are removed. Put the hip roses into a pot with the vinegar, the water and the vanilla pod.
Bring the pot to boil and let the hip roses boil at low heat for approximately ten minutes. Add sugar and lemon juice and let the compote boil for another five minutes. Adjust the compote with sugar and leave it to cool off.
Pour the compote into a plastic container with an airtight lid till when it is to be used.
The compote will keep for about a month in the fridge.

Take the høost out of the fridge about fifteen minutes before you intend to serve it. Cut the cheese into thin slices and arrange the slices on the buttered crisp bread or rye crackers. Garnish with two to three tablespoonfuls of rose hip compote.

Pick the orange hip roses, the red ones are over-ripe and turn mushy, when cooked.

We recommend an aromatic Sherry aquavit from Helsingør Spritfabrikker or a cherry aquavit from Schumachers for the høost.
For beer-lovers we recommend a dark, sweet Stjernestund from local artisan brewery, Nørrebro Bryghus.

The recipe is suitable for four people and was published in the August edition of food magazine, MAD & VENNER.
Photo by Martin Kaufmann