”Fantastic food exceptional service”

smørrebrød open-faced sandwich lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

“Beautifully cooked food, attentive service and genuine care,” writes Jonathan F in his review of the traditional Danish lunch at Restaurant Kronborg. He recommends our lunch and awards us five stars of five possible at Tripadvisor.

“We really cannot recommend it enough,” writes reviewer Jonathan F on the travel website, Tripadvisor, under the headline “Fantastic food exceptional service”.
Jonathan was at a loss to find somewhere at short notice to take his sister and her partner for a traditional Danish lunch – and luckily we were able to help him out!
He awards us five stars out of five possible, adding “Beautifully cooked food, attentive service and genuine care.”

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Or enjoy your own tasty Danish lunch with home-made open-faced sandwiches, locally known as ‘smørrebrød’, at Restaurant Kronborg.

Photo by Chris Tonnesen