RECIPE: Cured salmon with fresh herbs and lime


cured salmon lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen smørrebrød

We served the cured salmon as part of our Easter platter but the salmon received so much praise that we decided to include it on our regular lunch menu as an individual “piece of smørrebrød”.

Salmon is always popular at Restaurant Kronborg. We started out serving the salmon as part of our Easter platte but the fresh spring version of cured salmon received so much praise from our regulars that we decided to include it on our regular lunch menu as an individual “piece of smørrebrød”.


Cured Salmon
1 side of super fresh salmon (approximately 2 kg)
Finely grated peel and juice of 3 limes
½ pot of thyme
½ bunch of chives
½ bunch of dill
1 dl sugar
1 dl salt

Lime Crème
1 dl sour cream 38 %
Finely grated peel of 1 lime
Salt, pepper & sugar

15-20 lime wedges
Fresh dill

15-20 slices of light white bread or wholegrain rye bread, according to your preference, buttered with salted butter

Salmon, Cured with Herbs and Lime
Mix the salt and the sugar. Place the salmon skin-side down and butter the salt and sugar mixture on the top. Chop the herbs finely and mix them with the lime peel, butter the mixture on top of the salmon. Pour the lime juice over the salmon.
Put the salmon in the fridge for three days; turn the salmon so the skin-less side turns downwards after 24 hours. The salt and sugar “melt” and marinate the salmon.
Wrap the salmon in plastic foil and place it in the freezer till you serve it (minimum 12 hours to kill all the bacterias).

Sweet Lime Crème
Whip the sour cream till it thickens. Add the finely grated peel of lime. Add salt, pepper and sugar to your taste. The crème is to be slightly sweet.

How to serve it
Thaw the salmon and slice it into thin slices.
Layer the slices on the buttered bread.
Shape an “egg” of the lime crème and place on top of the salmon.
Garnish with the lime wedges and the fresh dill.

We recommend a fresh, slightly bitter beer, like New York Lager or Indian Pale Ale from Nørrebro Bryghus, and a cask-matured, aromatic aquavit, like Kronborg Special, for the cured salmon.
The recipe for cured salmon with herbs and lime was originally published on Denmark’s best food blog (they have it on paper ;-))