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We served fillets of sole with “dillnaise” and hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps as the second dish for the menu we had developed for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” is also great with fillets of plaice.

We developed a flavourful “dillnaise” (mayonnaise with finely chopped dill) for the delicate sole fillets we served for our “smørrebrød” menu for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” became so popular that we decided to use it for the fillets of plaice on our regular menu.

Recipe for pan-fried fish fillets with “dillnaise” and shrimps

10 fish fillets (sole or plaice, depending on your preference and the season)
4-5 tbsp butter
Dark rye flour
10 slices of dark rye bread & butter

3-4 dl mayonnaise, preferably a flavourful home-made mayonnaise
2 bunches of fresh dill

60-70 Greenlandic shrimps, peeled
10 lemon wedges
10 fresh dill sprigs

Turn the fish fillets in the dark rye flour and fry them on a medium hot pan. They should have two minutes on each side, leaving them still juicy.
Clean the dill and chop it finely. Stir the dill into the mayonnaise.
When serving the fillets you can either arrange them on the buttered dark rye bread. Or – like we do – arrange them portionwise on ten plates and leave your guests to butter their own bread.
Either way pour the “dillnaise” in an icing bag and decorate the fillets with the “dillnaise”, lemon wedges, dill sprigs and the shrimps.

It is easy to make your own flavourful mayonnaise but if you use the store-bought variety we suggest you flavour it with two tbsp mustard, salt and pepper.


We recommend a fresh dill aquavit, preferably home-made, and a crisp, slightly bitter New York Lager with a touch of flowers from local artisan brewery, Nørrebro Bryghus, for the fillets of sole.

This recipe was originally published on Denmark’s best food blog (they have it on paper ;-))