Danish “Julefrokost” at Restaurant Kronborg

Restaurant Kronborg Copenhagen julefrokost

“Many restaurants offer special “julefrokost”, but few do it as well as Restaurant Kronborg. A local favourite, the cosy lunchtime restaurant specializes in Danish sandwiches (smørrebrød), but extends its opening hours and menu to offer the traditional Christmas dishes in November and December,” writes Laura on her savvy blog, TheCopenhagenTales.com.

“One thing I definitely recommend to do during advent in Denmark is to have a traditional Danish “julefrokost” – which translates to Christmas lunch, but can just as well be had for dinner (or both, because it usually contains food enough for at least three to four meals!),” writes Copenhagen-based ex-pat, Laura on her popular blog TheCopenhagenTales.com
Laura herself is German but her boyfriend is Danish and she definitely knows her way around the traditional Danish kitchen.
Therefore we are doubly pleased as she ends her tale from the foodie session at Restaurant Kronborg concluding; “We practically had to be rolled out of there, but it was an absolutely amazing dinner. The restaurant is cozy and traditional, staff was super friendly, and they have all menus available in English as well.”

More about the “julefrokost” at Restaurant Kronborg
We invite you to read Laura’s post about the “julefrokost” in its entirety at TheCopenhagenTales.com.
Or book a table at Restaurant Kronborg to experience the traditional Danish “julefrokost” on your own.