The Perfect Introduction to Smørrebrød

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“What I didn’t know is that Copenhagen has an entire genre of restaurant—generally decades-old, charmingly old-school taverns— dedicated wholly to the dish,” writes Carey Jones about “smørrebrød” and Copenhagen’s popular lunch restaurants.

“An atmospheric tavern that serves as a perfect introduction to the world of smørrebrød; there’s no faulting the smoked eel or roast beef, but herring deserves particular consideration, whether pickled herring, pan-fried herring, marinated herring, or curried herring,” writes the acclaimed Journalist and Author, Carey Jones, about Restaurant Kronborg.
The American foodie magazine and website Saveur sent Carey Jones to Copenhagen to find the best smørrebrød in the city: she found not only that but also aquavit, hygge (another hard-to-translate Danish specialty) and true Danish hospitality.

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