“Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” – according to Ole Troelsø

Denmark's best smørrebrød ole troelsø restaurant kronborg lunch

“This book will guide you to places which are in command of their genre, portray the places and the people running them as well as tell the complete story about how ‘smørrebrød’ has developed through the ages,” says Ole Troelsø about his new book, “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.

“’Smørrebrød’ (aka open sandwiches) is not what it used to be. It is so much better,” writes Ole Troelsø, Author and Culinary Editor at the Danish business daily Børsen, in his new book “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.
Ole Troelsø is the leading ‘smørrebrød’ writer in Denmark and in “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” he scrutinizes the different genres in the industry from traditional to avant-garde. He portrays the most important personalities, visits the restaurants, entering the kitchens to lure the signature recipes from each restaurant from the head chef. He shares his huge knowledge about ‘smørrebrød’ in an extensive historical chapter, going all the way back to the Viking ages.
At Restaurant Kronborg we are proud and honoured to have been chosen as one of the 12 restaurants to be portrayed and to contribute with the recipe of one of our signature ‘smørrebrød’ dishes for “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.

What’s Special about Restaurant Kronborg?
“Restaurant Kronborg is like a well-kept vintage car, which has had the engine renovated and is kept in prime condition and nicely polished,” writes Ole Troelsø in “Danmarks bedste smørrebrød”.
“The food is geared towards the classic style but upgraded here and there with inspiration from modern gastronomy, always in a pleasant and natural way. The wait staff are polite and experienced, making you feel welcome and cared for. The “hygge”-factor is high, especially in the winter when they light up the open fireplace of which there are very few in this part of the old, fire-ravaged Copenhagen.”

Facts about “Danmarks bedste smørrebrød”
“Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” hit the streets on 1 September 2018; the book is DKK 295 and can be purchased at Restaurant Kronborg during opening hours (as long as stock lasts).