Christmas lunch restaurant kronborg christmas martin kongstad

”Classic Danish ’hygge’ with a sense for details,” says Martin Kongstad in his review of Restaurant Kronborg’s Christmas lunch in the programme ”Bearnaise is the king of the animals” (previously on Radio 24/7, now on Podimo and HeartBeats). He highlights, among other delicacies, our “Christmas herrings”, which he claims have had “one more notch on the ‘hygge’ button” and the pan-fried fillets of plaice with home-made relish.

“Restaurant Kronborg serves traditional Danish food with the same pride and simplicity as the best Parisian bistros and the foremost Roman trattorias,” says Martin Kongstad in his review of his “Christmas lunch” with us.
Martin Kongstad is an acknowledged Danish author, journalist and reviewer. He has chosen an untraditional and quite interesting format for his reviews in the programme “Bearnaise is the king of the animals” (previously on Radio 24/7, now on Podimo and HeartBeats): every week he invites a current person out for a meal where he will interview his guest and at the same time review the restaurant after a ancient marking scale, abandoned years ago by the Danish school system.

”Paprika’s Christmas” & Christmas Lunch

As his companion, for his ”Christmas lunch” at Restaurant Kronborg, Martin Kongstad has invited the Danish diva (Martin’s word, not ours) Paprika Steen in honour of the premiere on her movie “That Time of Year” about a chaotic family Christmas.
A movie Martin says is “Really, really funny and tragic – at certain points”.
He claims that the movie will “Be one of those movies you watch every Christmas”.
Martin has named this programme “Paprika’s Christmas”, and he aims at getting Paprika to reveal how her childhood’s Christmas was. Apparently he thinks Paprika is drawing upon her own story…

”Great taste all over and excellent service”

This is Martin Kongstad’s first visit to Restaurant Kronborg and we are quite impressed by his understanding of the classic Danish kitchen – and the effort it takes.
In his review he hightlights details which have taken years to perfect, like the size of the bread, the cut of the meat for the roast pork, the creamy scrambled egg…
Martin was truly excited about this two visit (he made a second visit, checking that the first time around wasn’t just beginners’ luck). He places us “In the top segment of Copenhagen lunch restaurants” and concludes his review by stating “Great taste all over and excellent service” as well as the mark.
To learn the mark, however, you have to listen to the programme “Paprika’s Christmas” on “Bearnaise is the King of the Animals”.