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Acknowledged Danish Food Writer Katrine Klinken interviews our Head Chef Jimmi Bengtsson about the new crop of Danish potatoes and our various open-faced potato sandwiches. We invite you to see the interview on Katrines Youtube channel Klinken’s Kitchen.

“Open-faced sandwiches with potatoes (in Danish: kartoffelmad) is a Danish ‘smørrebrød’ classic which is especially tasty in June and July when the Danish potatoes grown in the open field are in season,” says food writer Katrine Klinken.
Listen, learn – and work up an appetite – when Katrine Klinken interviews our Head Chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, about how to make the perfect ‘kartoffelmad’.
Watch the video about ‘kartoffelmad’.

One of Denmark’s Uncrowned ‘Smørrebrød’ Queens

Katrine Klinken has written several cookbooks about ‘smørrebrød’ and always promotes tasty food, local ingredients in season as well as organic and sustainable ingredients.
We invite you to explore Katrine’s exciting culinary universe on her Youtube channel Klinken’s Kitchen.
To our minds Katrine Klinken is truly one of Denmark’s uncrowned ‘smørrebrød’ queens.

Recipes for Open-faced Potato Sandwiches

At Restaurant Kronborg we always celebrate the new crop of potatoes by experimenting with the potato ‘smørrebrød’.
You will find a selection of our favourite recipes for potato ‘smørrebrød’ below

Potato ‘smørrebrød’ with crème of fresh smoked cheese, radishes and oven-baked ham (recipe)

Potato ‘smørrebrød’ with smoked salmon and herbed crème (recipe)

Potato ‘smørrebrød’ with grandma’s salad and deep-fried anchovies (recipe)


Photo by Chris Opander Tonnesen