Our Fish Fillet is the ‘Copenhagen Aficionado’s’ Best Tip

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If you are in the mood for some serious ‘hygge’ – and the best pan-fried fillet of plaice in town – food blogger Thomas Alcayaga recommends you have lunch with us.

”The fish fillet at Kronborg for lunch – and then a stroll through the city hand in hand with someone you love,” says popular food blogger/writer/photographer Thomas Alcayaga, best known for his blog MadEtMere, when LoveCopenhagen asks him to tip their followers about his favourite Copenhagen experience.


Thomas Alcayaga Knows His ‘Smørrebrød’ – and Copenhagen

”Thomas Alcayaga’s every day life is all about food and his is your go-to-profile if you need advice on culinary subjects,” write the people behind LoveCopenhagen.
They interviewed Thomas about his best tips to Copenhagen – whether they be experiences, selected breathing spaces, food or restaurants.
We are happy and proud that Thomas – who is an experienced and dedicated fan of ‘smørrebrød’ (open sandwiches) – calls our fillet of plaice “the best in the city” and are delighted to recommend that you search out Thomas’ (other) great tips for a good time in Copenhagen, or take inspiration from the excellent and well-researched recipes on his blog, MadEtMere (sorry, in Danish only).

LoveCopenhagen Guides to Wonderful Copenhagen

”Copenhagen is wonderful, Copenhagen is full of experiences, with ambiences, with town houses and histories from the past. Too often we just forget to look for them, to experience them, to experience our own city,” say the editors of LoveCopenhagen, a Danish culture site, which aims to guide you to amazing experiences in Copenhagen and the surrounding suburbs.
At LoveCopenhagen you will find interviews and reviews as well as descriptions of shops, restaurants and bars – always with the writer’s personal angle.
The site is run by three self-proclaimed ‘Copenhagen Aficionados’, who every week ask a new ‘Copenhagen Aficionado’ to pitch in with hers or his best experiences in our charming capital.
We invite you to learn more about LoveCopenhagen – and the three ‘Copenhagen Aficionados’ who run the site (sorry, in Danish only).

Pan-fried Fish Fillet – and Some Serious ‘Hygge’

If you are in the mood for some serious ‘hygge’ with someone you love – and a pan-fried fish fillet – we, on the other hand, invite you to book a table with us…