The Telegraph: The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen

best restaurants in copenhagen kronborg smørrebrød

“You can’t go far wrong, though, if you opt for this well-respected, traditional, lunchtime-only place tucked away on a side street off Strøget,” writes Suzanne King under the headline “The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen” in The Telegraph.

“Think of Copenhagen restaurants and most people instantly think of Noma,” writes Copenhagen Expert Suzanne King in Telegraph Travel under the headline “Best Copenhagen Restaurants”.
However Suzanne recognizes how difficult it is to bag a table at this world-famous venue and happily recommends   Continue reading →

Lifestyle Guide “Aux Villes du Monde” recommends Restaurant Kronborg

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Jacob Termansen lists five “highly recommended restaurants for the truly original open sandwich” in Copenhagen under the headline “Smørrebrød Heritage” in the city guide Aux Villes du Monde. We are proud and happy to have made the list.

“The classic Danish open sandwich (aka ‘smørrebrød’) has established itself as a staple of Denmark’s traditional lunch items,“ writes photographer and writer Jacob Termansen in the city guide Aux Villes du Monde under the headline “Smørrebrød Heritage”.

Go-to-places in Denmark’s Culinary Scene
“The famous Danish open sandwich is often found   Continue reading →

Camille Maja’s Guide to Lunch Restaurants in Copenhagen

lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen guide camille maja

“Restaurant Kronborg is situated in the centre of Copenhagen and it makes me especially happpy that you can find good eateries at reasonable prices here,” writes Camilla Maja in her guide to her preferred lunch spots in Copenhagen.

“I think quite a few of the lunch spots in Copenhagen are popular because they have good-looking food. Here it’s all about the taste, and these eateries excel in the taste as well as the presentation,” writes popular lifestyle and food blogger Camille Maja in her LUNCH GUIDE TO COPENHAGEN on   Continue reading →

Restaurant Kronborg Wins “2018 Experts’ Choice Award”

TripExpert, Experts' Choice Award, Best of Copenhagen, Guides

TripExpert is a new concept: rating and ranking hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions based on professional reviews from 85+ leading travel guides and magazines.

“We are delighted to inform you that Restaurant Kronborg is among the winners of our “2018 Experts’ Choice Award”,” writes Chris Blume from TripExpert.
“With accolades from reviewers like   Continue reading →


Fillet plaice smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen thomas alcayaga madetmere

“I always point out that at Kronborg they quite simply serve the best fillet of plaice with remoulade (traditional Danish relish). Pan-fried in butter.” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.

“I’m a sucker for ‘smørrebrød’ (open rye) and aquavit. And preferably classic and well-prepared. Further to the fact that everything is home-made, Kronborg can boast of amazing service which is one of the reasons that I/we keep coming back again and again,” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.   Continue reading →

Ole Troelsø: “The Restaurant Reviewer’s Best Tips to Smørrebrød”

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Ole Troelsø is acknowledged as Denmark’s premier smørrebrød aficionado, and we are proud and honoured to be one of the select smørrebrød restaurants he recommends in his article “The Restaurant Reviewer’s Best Tips to Smørrebrød” in Danish business daily, Børsen.

“…in the traditional category I will recommend Restaurant Kronborg, which in recent years has earned its place among the best and demonstrates a charming personality, balancing between old school and modern,” writes Ole Troelsø, Gastronomy Editor at Danish business daily, Børsen, in the weekend edition on 8 December 2017.
Ole Troelsø says:   Continue reading →

“Good Ingredients – and the Best Potato Sandwich in Town”

Smørrebrød lunch restaurant traditional kronborg Copenhagen

“Restaurant Kronborg serves potato ‘smørrebrød’ which make the angels sing,” says popular food blogger and urban farmer, Nada Louise Cay, to Danish daily, Ekstrabladet, in an article headlined COPENHAGEN AS A FOOD MECCA.

“When I am in the mood for a treat or am having lunch with friends, I find Restaurant Kronborg a super cosy place with good ingredients – and they serve the best potato sandwich in town,” says popular food blogger and urban farmer, Nada Louse Cay, to Danish daily, Ekstrabladet in an article headlined COPENHAGEN AS A FOOD MECCA.   Continue reading →

Top 10 ‘Hygge’ Things to do in Copenhagen


hygge restaurant kronborg copenhagen lunch smørrebrød

The Danish tourism organization, VisitDenmark, has compiled a Top 10-list over the most ‘hygge’ things to do in Copenhagen. We are happy to report that lunch at Restaurant Kronborg made the list…

The ultra Danish concept ‘hygge” is taking most of the English-speaking world at the moment.
BUT it can be hard to explain the meaning of ‘hygge’ (pronounced a bit like ‘hooga’) to visitors. Roughly it translates to cosiness but that definition doesn’t quite cover it, writes VisitDenmark, the Danish tourism organisation.
Adding: “’Hygge’ is so much more and always involves creating a nice warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with people around you.”
To help visitors to the Danish capitol VisitDenmark has worked out a Top 10-list over the most ‘hygge’ things to do in Copenhagen. And lunch at Restaurant Kronborg made the list!
Read more about VisitDenmark’s ten suggestions for where to find ‘hygge’ in Copenhagen – and why they recommend lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.
Or book a table at Restaurant Kronborg, savour our home-made smørrebrød and find out about that ‘hygge’ thing yourself…








The Perfect Introduction to Smørrebrød

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“What I didn’t know is that Copenhagen has an entire genre of restaurant—generally decades-old, charmingly old-school taverns— dedicated wholly to the dish,” writes Carey Jones about “smørrebrød” and Copenhagen’s popular lunch restaurants.

“An atmospheric tavern that serves as a perfect introduction to the world of smørrebrød; there’s no faulting the smoked eel or roast beef, but herring deserves particular consideration, whether pickled herring, pan-fried herring, marinated herring, or curried herring,” writes   Continue reading →

Danish “Julefrokost” at Restaurant Kronborg

Restaurant Kronborg Copenhagen julefrokost

“Many restaurants offer special “julefrokost”, but few do it as well as Restaurant Kronborg. A local favourite, the cosy lunchtime restaurant specializes in Danish sandwiches (smørrebrød), but extends its opening hours and menu to offer the traditional Christmas dishes in November and December,” writes Laura on her savvy blog,

“One thing I definitely recommend to do during advent in Denmark is to have a traditional Danish “julefrokost” – which translates to   Continue reading →

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