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“If you’re looking for the most traditional Danish smørrebrød experience, look no further than Restaurant Kronborg,” writes travel and food blogger, Linnea, on her popular blog, Popovers and Passports.

“I’ve spent the past year searching for the best ‘smørrebrød’ in Copenhagen,” writes travel and food blogger, Linnea, on her popular blog, Popovers and Passports.

Linnea specialises in providing the best tips for exploring a city in a “popover” period of time and happily shares her best tips on how to make the most of your time in a new city and create unforgettable memories with her readers.
For this purpose she has researched the ‘smørrebrød’ scene in Copenhagen thoroughly and provides her readers with a guide on how to enjoy ‘smørrebrød’ the most as well as listing the best ‘smørrebrød’ places in Copenhagen.   Continue reading →


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”The details are top-notch at Kronborg whether it concerns frying a fillet of plaice or whipping up the best home-made mayonnaise,” explains the expert jury about the nomination for Berlingske and AOK’s award BEST LUNCH IN COPENHAGEN 21.

Every year Danish daily, Berlingske, and their culture section AOK celebrate people, buildings, breathing spaces, bars and restaurants which make Copenhagen special.
An expert jury has chosen 15 categories and in each category they have nominated five potential candidates for the title “Best in Copenhagen”.
We are proud and honoured to have been nominated for “Best Lunch in Copenhagen 2021”.
The jury explains their nomination by stating: ”When ’smørrebrød’ is at   Continue reading →

Recipe: ’Summer Salad’ & Potato ’Smørrebrød’ with ‘Summer Salad’, Smoked Mackerel and Radishes

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We use the Danish specialty, ’rygeost’, for, among other dishes, smoked salmon but in summer time our favourite is a classic Danish ’summer salad’. The soft cheese with its distinctly smoky flavour is one of the few unique Danish contributions to world gastronomy.

‘Rygeost’ (soft smoked cheese) is one of the few unique Danish contributions to world gastronomy. We use the smoky cheese for, among other dishes, a smoky crème for smoked salmon, but in summer time our true favourite is a classic Danish ‘Summer Salad’ (which incidentally has got nothing to do with a salad but is more like a spread – please see the recipe below).

Recipes for ’Summer Salad’ & Potato ’Smørrebrød’ with ‘Summer Salad’, Smoked Mackerel and Radishes   Continue reading →


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We thank all the happy guests who have reviewed us positively on TripAdvisor, earning us the prestigious “Travellers’ Choice” award from TripAdvisor.

“Congratulations Restaurant Kronborg on being a Travellers’ Choice Winner,” wrote the nice people behind the reviewer site, TripAdvisor.
Adding: “Every year, we   Continue reading →


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On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 August 2020 two of Copenhagen’s best loved ‘smørrebrød’ (open-faced sandwich) restaurants, Selma and Kronborg, will match ‘smørrebrød’ classics, e.g., the iconic ‘Dyrlægens natmad’ (The Vet’s Midnight Snack – pictured). The event is presented by the Danish microbrewery Mikkeller, which will provide selected beers for the delicacies.

Selma Copenhagen and Restaurant Kronborg host an afternoon with ‘hygge’ and selected ‘smørrebrød’ (open-faced sandwich) classics accompanied by selected beers from Mikkeller on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 August 2020.
The two restaurants will match their versions of ‘smørrebrød’ with herring, eggs and shrimps as well as the iconic ‘Dyrlægens natmad’ (The Vet’s Midnight Snack).
Guests will enjoy   Continue reading →

Our Fish Fillet is the ‘Copenhagen Aficionado’s’ Best Tip

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If you are in the mood for some serious ‘hygge’ – and the best pan-fried fillet of plaice in town – food blogger Thomas Alcayaga recommends you have lunch with us.

”The fish fillet at Kronborg for lunch – and then a stroll through the city hand in hand with someone you love,” says popular food blogger/writer/photographer Thomas Alcayaga, best known for his blog MadEtMere, when LoveCopenhagen asks him to tip their followers about his favourite Copenhagen experience.   Continue reading →

MigOgKbh Guide: ”Where to find the best ’smørrebrød’ in Copenhagen”

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”Lots of restaurants in Copenhagen serve really good ‘smørrebrød’,” writes Editor, Rasmus Kramer Schou, from the popular Copenhagen guide ‘MigOgKbh’ (MeAndCph). Learn about the best places, as Rasmus and his editorial team guide you to their favourite lunch restaurants under the headline, “Where to find the best ’smørrebrød’ in Copenhagen”.

“Rye bread with toppings has, to everybody’s delight, had an amazing revival and is more modern than ever, “ writes Editor, Rasmus Kramer Schou, from the popular Copenhagen guide ‘MigOgKbh’ (MeAndCph).
He adds,   Continue reading →


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In the cold season ’smørrebrød’ should be more flavourful and filling. Maybe that is why this pan-fried herring with ’broken’ potato salad, herbed oil and caperberries is one of our most popular specials in the colder months.

The cold season calls for slightly heavier dishes and our regulars love this flavourful version of the classic pan-fried herring.   Continue reading →


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Acknowledged Danish Food Writer Katrine Klinken interviews our Head Chef Jimmi Bengtsson about the new crop of Danish potatoes and our various open-faced potato sandwiches. We invite you to see the interview on Katrines Youtube channel Klinken’s Kitchen.

“Open-faced sandwiches with potatoes (in Danish: kartoffelmad) is a Danish ‘smørrebrød’ classic which is especially tasty in June and July when the Danish potatoes grown in the open field are in season,” says food writer Katrine Klinken.
Listen, learn – and work up an appetite – when Katrine Klinken interviews   Continue reading →


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We are proud and honoured to have been invited to participate with one of our signature dishes at “The Best Smørrebrød in Copenhagen” at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2019 (photo from last year’s event).

On Saturday 31 August 219 the popular Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival (CCFF) focuses on UN World Goal no. 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.
This calls for a celebration of the festival’s home city, Copenhagen, and possibly the city’s most important contribution to world cuisine:   Continue reading →

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