Brantevik herring aromatic herring with fresh herbs: 79
Old-fashioned marinated herring
with onion and capers: 79
Old-fashioned pickled herring with onion and capers: 79
Curried herring with “smiling” eggs, onion and capers: 85
Pan-fried herring in its own pickle with onion and capers: 89
‘Christiansøpigens’ pickled herring with onion and capers: 89
Kronborg’s “aquavit sandwich” – Potatoes with old-fashioned marinated herring, mayonnaise, fresh herbs and red onion: 95
Herring platter – pickled, curried and pan-fried herring: 149
Pan-fried, salted herring with beetroots, soft onions and mustard: 89

Fish & Shrimps

Pan-fried fillet of plaice with ‘remoulade’ and lemon: 119
Pan-fried fillet of plaice with hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps, “dillnaise” and lemon: 129
Greenlandic shrimps (hand-peeled) with mayonnaise and lemon: 115
“Skagen  Toast”  shrimp ‘salad’ on butter-fried bread: 115
Kronborg’s gravlax with fresh herbs and sweet lime dressing: 109
Kronborg’s cured salmon with apple and celeriac-sauce: 109
Smoked Greenlandic halibut with scrambled eggs 125
Smoked Salmon with scrambled eggs: 119
Smoked salmon with crisp fennel and crème of smoked cheese 119
Smoked eel with scrambled eggs: 139
Kronborg’s salmon fish balls with ‘remoulade’ and lemon: 95


Pan-fried veal liver with salt-cured bacon and pickled cucumber: 119
Pickled veal tongue with relish and fresh horseradish 89
Liver paté with salt-cured bacon, beetroots and mushrooms: 85
Roastbeef with crisp onions, ‘remoulade’ and horseradish: 99
Roastbeef with a fried egg, pan-fried onions and pickled cucumber: 105
Traditional Danish meat balls with red cabbage and pickled cucumber: 89
Roast Pork with red cabbage and pickled cucumber: 99
Pork tenderloin with mushrooms á la crème and pickled cucumbers : 109
Calf brisket with creamy horseradish and relish: 95
Steak tartare with a raw egg yolk and all the trimmings: 119
Traditional Danish hamburger with a raw egg yolk and all the trimmings: 139
‘The Vet’s Midnight Snack’ – Danish classic with pickled meat, liver paté, red onions, cress and meat jelly: 95

Poultry & Vegetables

‘Hen salad’ with mushrooms, asparagus and salt-cured bacon: 95
Potato with salt-cured bacon, mayonnaise and onion: 89
Eggs with hand-peeled shrimps, mayonnaise, lemon and dill: 89


Vesterhavsost (dry, mature Danish cheese) with fruit compote: 79
Mature cheese served with rum, lard, meat jelly and raw onion: 79
Deep-fried Camembert with blackcurrant jam: 79
Blå Kornblomst (Danish organic blue cheese) with onion and a raw egg yolk: 79


Almond cake with mocha créme: 69