Have Your Private Party at Restaurant Kronborg

Our cozy restaurant with the open fireplace, the home-cooked food and the friendly, knowledgeable service can be booked for private parties for up to 70 people.
Should you want more information about having your private party at Restaurant Kronborg, we invite you to send us a mail with your name and phone number at kontakt@restaurantkronborg.dk

Menus for Private Parties

We often serve classic open-faced sandwiches on dark rye-bread at private parties at Restaurant Kronborg but we will just as happily serve hot dishes inspired by the Danish or European kitchen.
Examples of popular menus are:

Kronborg’s Favourite Menu
Salmon carparccio with limecreame, fennel and sunflower seeds.
Wienerschnitzel with pan-fried potatoes
Chokolate cake with berries and vanilla icecream

DKK 389,- per person with a minimum of 8 people.

The Business People’s Favourite Lunch

The Gentlemen’s Lunch

The Regulars’ Favourite Lunch

Traditional Danish Lunch

More Proposals for Menus

Feel free to contact us at kontakt@restaurantkronborg.dk if you have questions, specific requests or wish more proposals for menus.