Our Fish Fillet is the ‘Copenhagen Aficionado’s’ Best Tip

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If you are in the mood for some serious ‘hygge’ – and the best pan-fried fillet of plaice in town – food blogger Thomas Alcayaga recommends you have lunch with us.

”The fish fillet at Kronborg for lunch – and then a stroll through the city hand in hand with someone you love,” says popular food blogger/writer/photographer Thomas Alcayaga, best known for his blog MadEtMere, when LoveCopenhagen asks him to tip their followers about his favourite Copenhagen experience.   Continue reading →


smørrebrød open-faced sandwiches lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen søren frank berlingske review

”Razor sharp execution of ’smørrebrød’… in a cosy ambience, with efficient service and reasonable prices,” ensured us five stars from Søren Frank, Restaurant Reviewer at Danish daily, Berlingske.
The review was published on Thursday 7 February 2019.

“There is no fiddling about at Kronborg, just razor sharp execution of classic ‘smørrebrød’ (aka open-faced sandwiches),” writes Søren Frank, one of the most respected restaurant reviewers in Denmark, in the Danish daily Berlingske Tidende on Thursday 7 February 2019. Download the article as a pdf
Søren Frank concludes:   Continue reading →


Fillet plaice smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen thomas alcayaga madetmere

“I always point out that at Kronborg they quite simply serve the best fillet of plaice with remoulade (traditional Danish relish). Pan-fried in butter.” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.

“I’m a sucker for ‘smørrebrød’ (open rye) and aquavit. And preferably classic and well-prepared. Further to the fact that everything is home-made, Kronborg can boast of amazing service which is one of the reasons that I/we keep coming back again and again,” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.   Continue reading →

Sunday Lunch for Chaîne de Rôtisseurs


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs sunday lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen smørrebrød

We welcomed Chaîne de Rôtisseurs Denmark for a traditional Danish Sunday lunch, served family style with 13 dishes, on Sunday 5 May 2016.

“Restaurant Kronborg, a classic Copenhagen lunch restaurant, recently has sharpened its gastronomic profile while keeping the experience of one of the city’s ‘old school’ places. “Smørrebrød” (English: open sandwich) is served in the honoured Danish culinary tradition. Some claim it is the only truly Danish contribution to world gastronomy,” writes Jørgen Krenk, Bailli Délégué at Chaîne de Rôtisseurs Denmark.
Chaîne de Rôtisseurs is the world’s largest and most highly acknowledged organisation for lovers of gastronomy. The organisation aims to   Continue reading →


fish sole plaice fillets dillnaise lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

We served fillets of sole with “dillnaise” and hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps as the second dish for the menu we had developed for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” is also great with fillets of plaice.

We developed a flavourful “dillnaise” (mayonnaise with finely chopped dill) for the delicate sole fillets we served for our “smørrebrød” menu for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” became so popular that we decided to use it for the fillets of plaice on our regular menu.

Recipe for pan-fried fish fillets with “dillnaise” and shrimps   Continue reading →