Our Fish Fillet is the ‘Copenhagen Aficionado’s’ Best Tip

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If you are in the mood for some serious ‘hygge’ – and the best pan-fried fillet of plaice in town – food blogger Thomas Alcayaga recommends you have lunch with us.

”The fish fillet at Kronborg for lunch – and then a stroll through the city hand in hand with someone you love,” says popular food blogger/writer/photographer Thomas Alcayaga, best known for his blog MadEtMere, when LoveCopenhagen asks him to tip their followers about his favourite Copenhagen experience.   Continue reading →


Fillet plaice smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen thomas alcayaga madetmere

“I always point out that at Kronborg they quite simply serve the best fillet of plaice with remoulade (traditional Danish relish). Pan-fried in butter.” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.

“I’m a sucker for ‘smørrebrød’ (open rye) and aquavit. And preferably classic and well-prepared. Further to the fact that everything is home-made, Kronborg can boast of amazing service which is one of the reasons that I/we keep coming back again and again,” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.   Continue reading →

MadEtMere about our Christmas lunch – and the best fish fillet in Copenhagen


christmas lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

“When this post is finally published it is probably too late to book a table for a Christmas lunch at Restaurant Kronborg this year. But then you must remember to book for next year,” recommends food stylist – and soon-to-be cookbook author – Thomas Alcayaga on his blog, MadEtMere.

”I have to be honest … Restaurant Kronborg is probably my favourite restaurant in Copenhagen. And probably one of the places   Continue reading →

Madetmere: “Hugely recommended”

Thomas Alcayaga best lunch in Copenhagen Restaurant Kronborg

”I have never experienced pan-fried fillets of plaice achieving almost mythological status,” writes Thomas Alcayaga on the blog Madetmere about his lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.
He adds: ” I think I have to pass this on as a recommendation.”

“The prices are reasonable. The waiters are sharp-tongued but offer old school service. And of course, most importantly, the food tastes terrific,” writes Thomas Alcayaga on his blog, Madetmere, about his lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Thomas Alcayaga Madetmere best lunch in Copenhagen Restaurant kronborg

“If you feel like having lunch at Kronborg, I recommend you book in advance. I booked our table well in advance, so we were fine. But throughout our lunch we saw lots of hungry people who tried, in vain, to get a table.”

More about Madetmere and ”smørrebrød
Thomas Alcayaga had his debut in a kitchen at the age of five, and on his blog Madetmere he shares his recipes as well as his passion for the classics – and especially the Danish kitchen.
Read more about Thomas Alcayaga at Madetmere, including the complete review – and more pictures – of his lunch enjoying Restaurant Kronborg’s classic Danish ‘smørrebrød’ (sorry, in Danish only).
If you want to enjoy you own lunch with home-made ‘smørrebrød’, we invite you to book a table at Restaurant Kronborg.