WOW: “The ultimate deluxe gentlemen’s (or women’s) luncheon”

smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen guide

“Be ready for Restaurant Kronborg’s epic ‘Gentlemen’s Lunch’ with an empty stomach ready for all the pan-fried plaice and sweet remoulade, roast pork with pickled red cabbage, and the fresh beef tartare of the season you can handle,” recommends Journalist and Foodie Alexandra Pereira in her article about the best ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants in Copenhagen.

“Take a dazzling, delicious (and maybe slightly schnapps-hazed) tour of Denmark’s national treasure: the open-faced sandwich aka ‘smørrebrød’,” invites Journalist and Foodie par excellence Alexandra Pereira in the Icelandic magazine WOW.
Alexandra guides new-comers to Copenhagen to her favourite ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants and visited us for a Gentlemen’s (or women’s) luncheon.   Continue reading →


best smørrebrød denmark copenhagen restaurant kronborg børsen ole troelsø

Ole Troelsø readily recommends Restaurant Kronborg if you are looking for modern ‘smørrebrød’ in a classic environment with 18th century Copenhagen charm. Ole Troelsø is the Culinary Editor at Danish business daily Børsen and Author of the book “The Best ‘Smørrebrød’ in Denmark”.

“The Christmas lunches are fast approaching and it is time to probe the market for ‘smørrebrød’,” says Ole Troelsø, Culinary Editor at the Danish business daily Børsen, under the headline “The Map of the Best ‘Smørrebrød’ in Denmark”.
Adding, “Luckily they are better than ever before.”   Continue reading →

Scandinavia Standard App: “A Lesson in Danish Food Culture”

Scandinavia Standard travel app smørrebrød restaurant kronborg Copenhagen

“From the friendly service to the Royal Copenhagen table-wear, to the traditional recipes executed to perfection, it’s a lesson in Danish food culture,” says the travel new app from the leading Nordic lifestyle guide, Scandinavia Standard, about Restaurant Kronborg.

“This classic smørrebrød restaurant is truly the best of the best,” write the people behind the new app from the leading Nordic lifestyle guide, Scandinavia Standard, about Restaurant Kronborg.
They add:   Continue reading →

“Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” – according to Ole Troelsø

Denmark's best smørrebrød ole troelsø restaurant kronborg lunch

“This book will guide you to places which are in command of their genre, portray the places and the people running them as well as tell the complete story about how ‘smørrebrød’ has developed through the ages,” says Ole Troelsø about his new book, “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.

“’Smørrebrød’ (aka open sandwiches) is not what it used to be. It is so much better,” writes Ole Troelsø, Author and Culinary Editor at the Danish business daily Børsen, in his new book “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.
Ole Troelsø is the leading ‘smørrebrød’ writer in Denmark and in “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” he scrutinizes the different genres   Continue reading →

“Good Ingredients – and the Best Potato Sandwich in Town”

Smørrebrød lunch restaurant traditional kronborg Copenhagen

“Restaurant Kronborg serves potato ‘smørrebrød’ which make the angels sing,” says popular food blogger and urban farmer, Nada Louise Cay, to Danish daily, Ekstrabladet, in an article headlined COPENHAGEN AS A FOOD MECCA.

“When I am in the mood for a treat or am having lunch with friends, I find Restaurant Kronborg a super cosy place with good ingredients – and they serve the best potato sandwich in town,” says popular food blogger and urban farmer, Nada Louse Cay, to Danish daily, Ekstrabladet in an article headlined COPENHAGEN AS A FOOD MECCA.   Continue reading →


smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen recipe

The lightly grilled beef sirloin with béarnaise mayo’ and pan-fried tomatoes is pure comfort food, and our regulars love it. Our Head Chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, found inspiration in the eternal favourite, beef béarnaise, for this popular “smørrebrød” dish.

Our Head Chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, found inspiration in the eternal favourite, beef béarnaise, for this popular “smørrebrød” dish. It’s pure comfort food and our regulars love it…   Continue reading →

Camille Maja: Top 10 ‘smørrebrød’ in Copenhagen

top 10 smørrebrød restaurant Copenhagen guide

“Restaurant Kronborg is situated in centre of Copenhagen and it makes me especially happy that you can find good eateries at a reasonable price,” writes Camille Maja in the guide to her ten favourite ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants in Copenhagen.

“Restaurant Kronborg is a lovely old basement restaurant which truly gives you an insight into what ‘smørrebrød” is. Kronborg serves the old school version yet with at modern twist and I adored it,” writes popular lifestyle and food blogger Camille Maja under the headline TOP 10 SMØRREBRØD IN CPH.
Camilla Maja has written an entertaining and in-depth guide to   Continue reading →

Sunday Lunch for Chaîne de Rôtisseurs


Chaîne des Rôtisseurs sunday lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen smørrebrød

We welcomed Chaîne de Rôtisseurs Denmark for a traditional Danish Sunday lunch, served family style with 13 dishes, on Sunday 5 May 2016.

“Restaurant Kronborg, a classic Copenhagen lunch restaurant, recently has sharpened its gastronomic profile while keeping the experience of one of the city’s ‘old school’ places. “Smørrebrød” (English: open sandwich) is served in the honoured Danish culinary tradition. Some claim it is the only truly Danish contribution to world gastronomy,” writes Jørgen Krenk, Bailli Délégué at Chaîne de Rôtisseurs Denmark.
Chaîne de Rôtisseurs is the world’s largest and most highly acknowledged organisation for lovers of gastronomy. The organisation aims to   Continue reading →


salmon smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg Copenhagen

Cured salmon is marinated (or “cooked”) in a process quite similar to the process used for gravlax. But because you only use salt and sugar the salmon tastes lighter and fresher, like sushi or sashimi.

The cured salmon with deep fried salmon skin and apple celery crème is one of the most popular dishes on our menu – and to our minds one of the most beautiful!
So when one of our regulars asked for the recipe we were of course delighted to share it…

Recipe for Cured Salmon with Deep Fried Salmon Skin and Apple celery Crème   Continue reading →


fish sole plaice fillets dillnaise lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

We served fillets of sole with “dillnaise” and hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps as the second dish for the menu we had developed for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” is also great with fillets of plaice.

We developed a flavourful “dillnaise” (mayonnaise with finely chopped dill) for the delicate sole fillets we served for our “smørrebrød” menu for food festival Copenhagen Cooking 2015.
The “dillnaise” became so popular that we decided to use it for the fillets of plaice on our regular menu.

Recipe for pan-fried fish fillets with “dillnaise” and shrimps   Continue reading →

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