Scandinavia Standard App: “A Lesson in Danish Food Culture”

Scandinavia Standard travel app smørrebrød restaurant kronborg Copenhagen

“From the friendly service to the Royal Copenhagen table-wear, to the traditional recipes executed to perfection, it’s a lesson in Danish food culture,” says the travel new app from the leading Nordic lifestyle guide, Scandinavia Standard, about Restaurant Kronborg.

“This classic smørrebrød restaurant is truly the best of the best,” write the people behind the new app from the leading Nordic lifestyle guide, Scandinavia Standard, about Restaurant Kronborg.
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Smørrebrød ranks 6th (out of 500!) on Lonely Planets’ ULTIMATE EATLIST

lonely planet ultimate eatlist smørrebrød restaurant kronborg

A classic smørrebrød combination you will see all over Denmark is roast beef topped with pickles, onions and horseradish,” write the editors of Lonely Planet’s new guide the ULTIMATE EATLIST. The guide ranks the 500 best eating experiences in the world. Smørrebrød comes in at 6th place.

“When we travel, the food we eat tells a story, unlocking social customs and revealing ancient traditions, all while offering us a chance to connect with the locals in an organic way,” write the people behind Lonely Planet, arguably the world’s most influential travel guide publishing house.
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The Telegraph: The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen

best restaurants in copenhagen kronborg smørrebrød

“You can’t go far wrong, though, if you opt for this well-respected, traditional, lunchtime-only place tucked away on a side street off Strøget,” writes Suzanne King under the headline “The Best Restaurants in Copenhagen” in The Telegraph.

“Think of Copenhagen restaurants and most people instantly think of Noma,” writes Copenhagen Expert Suzanne King in Telegraph Travel under the headline “Best Copenhagen Restaurants”.
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“Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” – according to Ole Troelsø

Denmark's best smørrebrød ole troelsø restaurant kronborg lunch

“This book will guide you to places which are in command of their genre, portray the places and the people running them as well as tell the complete story about how ‘smørrebrød’ has developed through the ages,” says Ole Troelsø about his new book, “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.

“’Smørrebrød’ (aka open sandwiches) is not what it used to be. It is so much better,” writes Ole Troelsø, Author and Culinary Editor at the Danish business daily Børsen, in his new book “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’”.
Ole Troelsø is the leading ‘smørrebrød’ writer in Denmark and in “Denmark’s Best ‘Smørrebrød’” he scrutinizes the different genres   Continue reading →


smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen beef tartre recipe

Our summer beef tartare gets its creaminess from the smoked cheese, its punch from the fresh horseradish, the tartness from the raspberries and its crunch from the rye bread crisps. All the elements a great-tasting “smørrebrød”-dish should have…

Our Head Chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, has taken inspiration from possibly the season’s tastiest berry, the raspberry, for this summery tartare. The tartare is on the specials board and goes down a storm with our regulars…


Four servings

600 grams of tender beef
1 piece of fresh horseradish, (6-8 centimetres) shredded finely
1 small red onion, chopped finely
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt & pepper

Créme of smoked cheese
2 dl smoked cheese
1 dl sour cream 38 %
Salt & pepper

Raspberry syrup
1 dl raspberry vinegar
½ dl sugar

Rye bread crisps
4 thin (4-5 mms) slices of dark rye bread (the bread does not need to be fresh)
“spray lard”
Salt & Pepper

15-20 raspberries
Fresh herbs

4 slices of dark rye bread, buttered

Preparation of the beef tartare
Process the meat in a meat grinder, until all the fat and irregularities are gone. If you do not have a meat grinder this can be done with a super sharp knife.
Stir the minced meat with all the ingredients and season the mince with salt & pepper.

Créme of smoked cheese
Stir the smoked cheese with the sour cream and season the mix with salt & pepper.

Raspberry syrup
Pour the raspberry vinegar and the sugar into a pan. Bring the mix to the boil and leave it boil till it turns into a viscous syrup (10-15 minutes)
Leave the syrup to cool off.
If the syrup is too thick you can thin it with water, if it is too thin you can boil it for another couple of minutes.

Rye bread crisps
Spray a roasting pan with lard. Place the slices of rye bread on the roasting pan and spray them with lard on top. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the slices of rye bread.
Bake the slices of rye bread till they turn crisp (10-15 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius).

Make balls of the meat and punch the balls till they have the size and thickness you want. Cut the surface of the tartare with a knife to create a criss-cross-pattern and place the tartare on a plate on top of the buttered bread.
Place a scoop of the crème (about the size of a hen’s egg) on top of the meat. Pour the raspberry syrup in zigzag-pattern over the crème. Garnish with raspberries, rye bread crisps and fresh herbs.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration writes on its website: “The risk of getting infected by salmonella from store-bought Danish eggs is very small. You will hardly find any salmonella in Danish eggs.” (updated on 2 August 2017).
If you want to be 100 % sure that you avoid the risk of contamination, you need to use pasteurized eggs. However, they don’t taste as well…
Furthermore it is necessary to maintain a very high kitchen hygiene and use super fresh meat, when serving beef tartare.

If you want your beef tartare to pack more of a punch, add more fresh horseradish.

We recommend a flavourful King’s County Brown from Nørrebro Bryghus and a classic Kronborg Akvavit with the beef tartare.


Lifestyle Guide “Aux Villes du Monde” recommends Restaurant Kronborg

lunch restaurant kronborg smørrebrød city guide  copenhagen

Jacob Termansen lists five “highly recommended restaurants for the truly original open sandwich” in Copenhagen under the headline “Smørrebrød Heritage” in the city guide Aux Villes du Monde. We are proud and happy to have made the list.

“The classic Danish open sandwich (aka ‘smørrebrød’) has established itself as a staple of Denmark’s traditional lunch items,“ writes photographer and writer Jacob Termansen in the city guide Aux Villes du Monde under the headline “Smørrebrød Heritage”.

Go-to-places in Denmark’s Culinary Scene
“The famous Danish open sandwich is often found   Continue reading →

Camille Maja’s Guide to Lunch Restaurants in Copenhagen

lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen guide camille maja

“Restaurant Kronborg is situated in the centre of Copenhagen and it makes me especially happpy that you can find good eateries at reasonable prices here,” writes Camilla Maja in her guide to her preferred lunch spots in Copenhagen.

“I think quite a few of the lunch spots in Copenhagen are popular because they have good-looking food. Here it’s all about the taste, and these eateries excel in the taste as well as the presentation,” writes popular lifestyle and food blogger Camille Maja in her LUNCH GUIDE TO COPENHAGEN on   Continue reading →


Fillet plaice smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen thomas alcayaga madetmere

“I always point out that at Kronborg they quite simply serve the best fillet of plaice with remoulade (traditional Danish relish). Pan-fried in butter.” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.

“I’m a sucker for ‘smørrebrød’ (open rye) and aquavit. And preferably classic and well-prepared. Further to the fact that everything is home-made, Kronborg can boast of amazing service which is one of the reasons that I/we keep coming back again and again,” writes the popular food blogger and cookbook writer, Thomas Alcayaga, under the headline “My 10 favourite restaurants in Copenhagen”.   Continue reading →


smørrebrød cod roe lunch restaurant kronborg

Our regulars love this version of the New Year’s favourite, cod roe: pan-fried with tangy-sweet lime crème and crispy deep-fried capers.

We love experimenting with our New Year’s favourite, cod roe. One of the most popular variations among our regulars is the pan-fried cod roe with tangy-sweet lime crème and crispy deep-fried capers.

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cod roe smørrebrød lunch restaurant kronborg shrimps

Cod roe is a winter favourite among Danes. It is simple, fresh and delicious, when served freshly boiled as ‘smørrebrød’ with hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps, home-made mayonnaise, lemon and dill.

We serve the freshly boiled cod roe, one of our absolute winter favourites, with hand-peeled Greenlandic shrimps, home-made mayonnaise, lemon and dill. Simple, fresh and delicious.

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