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”The details are top-notch at Kronborg whether it concerns frying a fillet of plaice or whipping up the best home-made mayonnaise,” explains the expert jury about Berlingske and AOK’s nomination for BEST LUNCH IN COPENHAGEN 19.

Every year Danish daily Berlingske and their culture section AOK celebrate people, buildings, breathing spaces, bars and restaurants which make Copenhagen special.
An expert jury has chosen 20 categories and in each category they have nominated five potential “Best in Copenhagen”-winners.
We are proud and honoured to have been nominated for “Best Lunch in Copenhagen 2019”.
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WOW: “The ultimate deluxe gentlemen’s (or women’s) luncheon”

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“Be ready for Restaurant Kronborg’s epic ‘Gentlemen’s Lunch’ with an empty stomach ready for all the pan-fried plaice and sweet remoulade, roast pork with pickled red cabbage, and the fresh beef tartare of the season you can handle,” recommends Journalist and Foodie Alexandra Pereira in her article about the best ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants in Copenhagen.

“Take a dazzling, delicious (and maybe slightly schnapps-hazed) tour of Denmark’s national treasure: the open-faced sandwich aka ‘smørrebrød’,” invites Journalist and Foodie par excellence Alexandra Pereira in the Icelandic magazine WOW.
Alexandra guides new-comers to Copenhagen to her favourite ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants and visited us for a Gentlemen’s (or women’s) luncheon.   Continue reading →


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“Here it’s all about “hygge” and home-made food made from great ingredients and there’s plenty of it,” write the foodies behind the culinary online universe, Copenhagen Food about Restaurant Kronborg. They have put together a guide, featuring the best places in Copenhagen to have your “julefrokost”.

”Are you looking for a restaurant where you and your friends can enjoy “julefrokost” in Copenhagen? There are plenty of great places, traditional as well as modern. A safe bet for the truly classic Christmas lunch for you and your party is Restaurant Kronborg in Brolæggerstræde. Here it’s all about “hygge” and home-made food made from great ingredients and there’s plenty of it,” write the foodies behind   Continue reading →

Ole Troelsø: “The Restaurant Reviewer’s Best Tips to Smørrebrød”

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Ole Troelsø is acknowledged as Denmark’s premier smørrebrød aficionado, and we are proud and honoured to be one of the select smørrebrød restaurants he recommends in his article “The Restaurant Reviewer’s Best Tips to Smørrebrød” in Danish business daily, Børsen.

“…in the traditional category I will recommend Restaurant Kronborg, which in recent years has earned its place among the best and demonstrates a charming personality, balancing between old school and modern,” writes Ole Troelsø, Gastronomy Editor at Danish business daily, Børsen, in the weekend edition on 8 December 2017.
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We had the good fortune to get some haunches of the popular Danish “summer venison” and serve them, quite simply, with gooseberry compote and redcurrants.
The season is quite short so we invite you to enjoy them now – preferably with a full-bodied King’s County Brown Ale from Nørrebro Bryghus.

The season for the popular Danish  “summer venison” is short so we recommend you enjoy the tasty meat while you can.
We like to serve the venison as traditional “smørrebrød” with a tangy gooseberry compote and sugary redcurrants.

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We love a tangy, traditional Danish gooseberry compote (or gooseberry ‘porridge’, as we call it in Danish) and it’s always very popular when we have it on the specials board.

Gooseberries are some of the most flavourful berries we enjoy during the Danish summer but it seems like the berries have fallen into oblivion in recent years…
This traditional gooseberry compote (or gooseberry ‘porridge’, as we call it in Danish) is always popular when we have it on the specials board. We are happy to share the recipe if you would like to try it at home.

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Camille Maja: Top 10 ‘smørrebrød’ in Copenhagen

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“Restaurant Kronborg is situated in centre of Copenhagen and it makes me especially happy that you can find good eateries at a reasonable price,” writes Camille Maja in the guide to her ten favourite ‘smørrebrød’ restaurants in Copenhagen.

“Restaurant Kronborg is a lovely old basement restaurant which truly gives you an insight into what ‘smørrebrød” is. Kronborg serves the old school version yet with at modern twist and I adored it,” writes popular lifestyle and food blogger Camille Maja under the headline TOP 10 SMØRREBRØD IN CPH.
Camilla Maja has written an entertaining and in-depth guide to   Continue reading →


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We normally put “Sol over Gudhjem” on the specials board in the late summer (from the beginning of July to the beginning of September) when the fat summer herrings have taken the Nordic seas, guaranteeing juicy, flavourful herrings

“Sun over Gudhjem” (literal translation Sun over God’s home) is a classic “smørrebrød” dish with a slightly confusing name until, that is, a kind soul informs you that Gudhjem is a town on the Danish Island Bornholm famous for its tasty smoked herrings and its beautiful beach.

Recipe for “Sol over Gudhjem”

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Top 10 ‘Hygge’ Things to do in Copenhagen


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The Danish tourism organization, VisitDenmark, has compiled a Top 10-list over the most ‘hygge’ things to do in Copenhagen. We are happy to report that lunch at Restaurant Kronborg made the list…

The ultra Danish concept ‘hygge” is taking most of the English-speaking world at the moment.
BUT it can be hard to explain the meaning of ‘hygge’ (pronounced a bit like ‘hooga’) to visitors. Roughly it translates to cosiness but that definition doesn’t quite cover it, writes VisitDenmark, the Danish tourism organisation.
Adding: “’Hygge’ is so much more and always involves creating a nice warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with people around you.”
To help visitors to the Danish capitol VisitDenmark has worked out a Top 10-list over the most ‘hygge’ things to do in Copenhagen. And lunch at Restaurant Kronborg made the list!
Read more about VisitDenmark’s ten suggestions for where to find ‘hygge’ in Copenhagen – and why they recommend lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.
Or book a table at Restaurant Kronborg, savour our home-made smørrebrød and find out about that ‘hygge’ thing yourself…








Gastro: “Classic Smørrebrød – and Open on Sundays!”

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“The smørrebrød is the classic repertoire and so generously presented (without being overdecorated) that two dishes will satisfy anybody who is not ravished like a wolf,” writes foodie magazine Gastro about Restaurant Kronborg in their February edition.

“A classic Copenhagen restaurant, which in recent years has sharpened the gastronomic profile considerably, without guests loosing the feeling of visiting one of the city’s old school places,” writes foodie magazine Gastro about Restaurant Kronborg in their February edition.
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