smørrebrød open-faced sandwiches lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen søren frank berlingske review

”Razor sharp execution of ’smørrebrød’… in a cosy ambience, with efficient service and reasonable prices,” ensured us five stars from Søren Frank, Restaurant Reviewer at Danish daily, Berlingske.
The review was published on Thursday 7 February 2019.

“There is no fiddling about at Kronborg, just razor sharp execution of classic ‘smørrebrød’ (aka open-faced sandwiches),” writes Søren Frank, one of the most respected restaurant reviewers in Denmark, in the Danish daily Berlingske Tidende on Thursday 7 February 2019. Download the article as a pdf
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Bearnaise frikadeller meat balls copenhagen champion best denmark top 5 restaurant kronborg

“The seasoning was perfect, distinct without being too much and it is – without comparison – the best traditional meat balls I have had in a Danish restaurant,” said Restaurant Critic, Martin Kongstad about our ‘frikadeller’ (meat balls).
Martin Kongstad even included our humble ‘frikadeller’ on his Top-5 list of food experiences in 2018 (photo: Radio 24/syv).

“I have never – and I repeat – never had decent ‘frikadeller” (meat balls) in a lunch restaurant,” says Restaurant Critic, Martin Kongstad, when he reviewed our Christmas Lunch in November 2018.
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Christmas lunch restaurant kronborg christmas martin kongstad

”Classic Danish ’hygge’ with a sense for details,” says Martin Kongstad in his review of Restaurant Kronborg’s Christmas lunch in the programme ”Bearnaise is the king of the animals” on Radio 24/7. He highlights, among other delicacies, our “Christmas herrings”, which he claims have had “one more notch on the ‘hygge’ button” and the pan-fried fillets of plaice with home-made relish.

“Restaurant Kronborg serves traditional Danish food with the same pride and simplicity as the best Parisian bistros and the foremost Roman trattorias,” says Martin Kongstad in his review of his “Christmas lunch” with us.
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”Fantastic food exceptional service”

smørrebrød open-faced sandwich lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

“Beautifully cooked food, attentive service and genuine care,” writes Jonathan F in his review of the traditional Danish lunch at Restaurant Kronborg. He recommends our lunch and awards us five stars of five possible at Tripadvisor.

“We really cannot recommend it enough,” writes reviewer Jonathan F on the travel website, Tripadvisor, under the headline “Fantastic food exceptional service”.
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“The best possible introduction to Danish gastronomy”


best traditional lunch restaurant kronborg Copenhagen

Anne B and Sophie B recommend the traditional Danish lunch at Restaurant Kronborg in Copenhagen as “the best possible introduction to Danish gastronomy” on their popular travel blog, AnneetSophieVoyagent.

“We had just arrived to Copenhagen when tried the excellent traditional restaurant in the centre of the city,” writes Anne & Sophie from the popular French travel blog, AnneetSophieVoyagent.
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”Superb Christmas lunch”

Christmas lunch restaurant kronborg good service great food

“We’d love to come back and will recommend this restaurant to all our contacts,” writes reviewer Thomas C in the review of his traditional Danish Christmas lunch at Restaurant Kronborg, and awards us five stars out of five possible on Tripadvisor (pictured: cured salmon).

“The food, which was traditional Danish, was of superb quality, and there was plenty of it. Super nice and friendly service, with constant attention to our needs from the wait staff,” writes reviewer Thomas C on Tripadvisor under the headline,   Continue reading →

Christmas lunch for bon vivants

madetmere thomas alcayaga bon vivant best restaurant kronborg christmas lunch copenhagen

“As you can probably see I had an amazing evening. If you want to try Kronborg’s Christmas lunch you can read more (and less fuelled by aquavit) on their own website. You get the whole deal for DKK 379 – of course without drinks – which I find is great value,” writes food blogger and bon vivant Thomas Alcayaga about our Christmas lunch 2013.

”My eyes were teary – partly from a full stomach and partly from happiness. Then the roast pork arrived. Beautiful crisp crackling and juicy meat. Could one ask for more? Well, possibly another aquavit,” writes food blogger Thomas Alcayaga about our Christmas lunch on his popular food blog, Madetmere.
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“Great price for top rate Christmas food”

Mikkel bækgaard Christmas lunch restaurant kronborg copenhagen

“I had a super cosy evening with great food, aquavit from Elsinore and lovely beers from Nørrebro Bryghus,” writes food journalist Mikkel Bækgaard about the premiere on our Christmas lunch 2013.

”The Christmas lunch at Restaurant Kronborg is DKK 379 plus drinks. I find this a great price for top rate Christmas food in large quantities. I therefore recommend it,” writes food journalist Mikkel Bækgaard.
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Madetmere: “Hugely recommended”

Thomas Alcayaga best lunch in Copenhagen Restaurant Kronborg

”I have never experienced pan-fried fillets of plaice achieving almost mythological status,” writes Thomas Alcayaga on the blog Madetmere about his lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.
He adds: ” I think I have to pass this on as a recommendation.”

“The prices are reasonable. The waiters are sharp-tongued but offer old school service. And of course, most importantly, the food tastes terrific,” writes Thomas Alcayaga on his blog, Madetmere, about his lunch at Restaurant Kronborg.

Thomas Alcayaga Madetmere best lunch in Copenhagen Restaurant kronborg

“If you feel like having lunch at Kronborg, I recommend you book in advance. I booked our table well in advance, so we were fine. But throughout our lunch we saw lots of hungry people who tried, in vain, to get a table.”

More about Madetmere and ”smørrebrød
Thomas Alcayaga had his debut in a kitchen at the age of five, and on his blog Madetmere he shares his recipes as well as his passion for the classics – and especially the Danish kitchen.
Read more about Thomas Alcayaga at Madetmere, including the complete review – and more pictures – of his lunch enjoying Restaurant Kronborg’s classic Danish ‘smørrebrød’ (sorry, in Danish only).
If you want to enjoy you own lunch with home-made ‘smørrebrød’, we invite you to book a table at Restaurant Kronborg.

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