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Copenhagen Cooking Restaurant Kronborg Lunch platter smørrebrød

The cured fillet of veal with the cherry compote was such a hit on our Nordic summer platter for Copenhagen Cooking that we decided to serve it on our autumn platter. Find the recipe at or below.

“The fillet of veal becomes extra delicious when cured with a citrus aquavit, like the chilli citrus aquavit from local supplier, Schumacher’s,” says our head chef, Jimmi Bengtsson.
We served the super tender fillet of veal on our Nordic summer-platter for the food festival Copenhagen Cooking in August 2013. The cured veal was such a hit with our regulars that we decide to serve it as part of our autumn platter.
Should you want to try your hand at making the popular cured veal at home you find the recipe at (sorry, in Danish only) or below (in English).
If you enjoy eating more than cooking we suggest you try the cured veal at a cosy lunch with “smørrebrød” at Restaurant Kronborg.

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