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Our regulars love the classic ’smørrebrød’ dishes as well as the seasonal delicacies. The “Regulars’ Favourite Lunch’ satisfies on both accounts…
The lunch is served on platters in three servings

The herring of the season (from the specials board)
Kronborg’s pan-fried herring in its own pickle with pan-fried onions and capers
Pan-fried fillet of plaice with Greenlandic shrimps and ‘dillnaise’
Smoked saolmon with marinated fennel and smoked cheese
Vol-au-vent with chicken and asparagus
Roast beef with ’remoulade’
, crisp onions, fresh horseradish and pickled cucumber
Høost (dry, mature Danish cheese) with compote

Includes rye bread, white bread, butter and duck lard

Per person DKK 329

Coffee and petit fours

Per person + DKK 59

We invite you to contact us at if you would like to book a table or if you would like to know more about the menu.